Stone Pelter

By Lubaid Khan

I’m the brightest cloud in the skies of freedom
I want to be the sunshine that eradicates dark
In gentle autumn’s rain do not disturb my slumber
Don’t cry at my demise, I’m still here. I did not die.

Disperse from my grave and exhibit no empathy
Give me some lonely moments for I wish to pray
I pledge to revolutionize the fate of my territory
I’m on a mission to stir the patience of Almighty

Screeching Bullets and the unforgiving batons
The naked steel barb and the spiteful hostility
Sirens raging all over, they opened fire again
The Sounds of horror and the gasps of terror

Intense pain all over and smell of naive blood
They heap bodies’ one by one, living and dead
My friend is missing and nowhere to be seen
His belongings spread everywhere on the road

A man is leaning over me and looks into my eyes,
This is what happens when you ask for freedom
Did you really think they we’d answer with words
If you’d have accepted slavery, you’d still be living

I started to shout and sensed my body shudder
But it wasn’t just defiant me, I was one of many
They put me in an ambulance and took me away
Curfews pass belated my journey by two more hours

My father was in shock and my mother in tears
She collapsed in grief and I knew what she feared
The repression of Kashmir was far from being over
I was declared dead, it was the last of my effort too

My mother leaned over and kissed me goodbye.
My father pulled her away while she screamed
Everyone is crying, all my family and all my people
Now they will add one more to the list of martyrs

Finally they lowered my body into the grave,
It felt cold and lonely as I longed to fight more
Then I saw an angel and I began to cry aloud.
The remark echoed, now you’re dead but free

I replied, I can’t be dead, I’m still so young
The incompletion of life dejected me wholly
It didn’t have to end like this, I wished to live.
But it was too late as my soul had left the body

I looked at my family and friends to say me last goodbye
I’m sorry! All of your dreams for me have been ripped away,
I’m sorry! I disappointed you, Dad. Mum, please don’t cry.

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