By Javed Ahmed Mir

It is here, that
Heavens plant a passionate kiss
Onto the lips of earth,
Imagination is fired
A sun is born, that
Lights but some faces
Scorch many a souls

It is here, that
Eyes see what hearts adorn
Hopes ornate what thoughts admire
Real meets unreal
Dreams devour bitter truths
I hold on to your tresses
As they unravel
And entangle my world

It is here, that
I see you
I reveal you
Slowly, painfully
To myself and my soul
As you vanish
Into the nothingness
Dark and abounding

It is here, that
Freedom’s gaze
Enters my soul
As wave after wave
Lashes Upon
The Parched lips
Of blazing sand-shores
And we mingle
Without meeting

It is here, that
Nights shake
While dawn breaks
New mornings sprout
Fortunes flow afresh
Humble meets the Highest
My world ends

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