About Us

Kashmir Lit is a platform for all those interested to write about Kashmir, particularly Kashmiri and diaspora writers. Kashmir Lit aims to:

  • Enhance awareness of and be a resource on all things Kashmiri
  • Create global solidarity with people interested in Kashmir
  • Create writing and critical reading opportunities through virtual and actual workshops and seminars

Kashmir Lit, the word ‘Lit’ should not be confused with being short for “Literature” as is used in popular parlance. It is to be read as a whole word which means “set afire or burning.”

Contributions are accepted on a rolling basis. Email your contributions as Word documents to [email protected] or you can use the contribute form of the site.
All submissions must include a brief author bio. We would appreciate if you could furnish a headline for your work as well. No more than 3 poems per submission with bio-line. Photographs and artwork should be sent as PDF or image files. Writers retain full copyright on their work. Due to a small staff, we would prefer articles to be as error-free as possible. Thank you very much for considering KashmirLit as a place for expressing your thoughts. We highly appreciate your contributions.

Kashmir Lit is published by Kashmir Ink Collective, a small group effort that aims to garner a mainstream intellectual response on issues pertaining to Kashmir. Kashmir Lit is not affiliated with any political or non-political organization, nor does it solicit funding from anyone. A small staff of volunteers, mainly from academia, out of their passion for Kashmir, freely gives their time and expertise to run this site. Yes, such people do exist. Kashmir Lit promises to carry information and opinions of all shades but it does not mean agreement with everything we publish. Kashmir Lit does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content produced by the authors.
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Ather Zia
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Sadam Hussain
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