Your Brother


Your brother walks in shadows,
roams the land in utter secrecy,
his image alive in a multitude of hearts
that are far too many to count.

His feet touch upon the soil
like determined whispers
of a man whose voice is louder
than any force a million strong.

His voice resounds in every heart
that has sought a better day
under the shade of freedom,
past the torments of oppression
and the plagues of greed.

Your brother’s shadow
is wider than the grip of tyranny
and the reach of its enforcers.
His every step is bolder than
their sum and their aggregate.

Marching forth on a landscape he calls his own
your brother converses
with the fallen and the martyred
the massacred and the violated
the injured and the depleted.
Your brother speaks the language
of the imprisoned and the abandoned
the silenced and the dispossessed
the persecuted and the besieged.

They sing him the song of freedom
that fuels his breath
and revitalizes his determination.

Your brother can’t be killed
or sent to the coffin.
His house is your heart
and a memory that time built
decade upon decade
and century upon century.

Your brother draws the gun
where he once drew the pen.
Both lead to a secret mathematics
where i = i + 1.

You can’t tell him now, but he knows
that his presence is incremental
and infinite in time and place
because your hope and memory
and his love for freedom
cannot be contained.

You can plug in any number
to substitute the i in his secret equation.
That number will always increment by 1
till infinity and eternity,
because in your brother’s arithmetic
the sum will always be greater than the parts.

In another equation of his secret mathematics
i = i + millions counting
in the arithmetic of aggregators
that make a man myth, legend, martyr.

In the i = i + 1
and the i = i + millions counting
your brother is the sum of all the revolutions
that cannot be killed.

iKoshur is an anonymous poet, writer, and artist. He signs his writing in the public domain with the PGP public key and digital signature found here to ensure authenticity and ownership of such content. The PGP public key and digital signature are matched with a private key in his possession such that when the public and private keys are combined and unlocked with a passphrase, it validates his identity and confirms his ownership credentials.

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