Who Killed Karkare? The Real Face of Terrorism in India

Author: S.M Mushrif
Publisher: Pharos Media & publishing Pvt Ltd, New, New Delhi, India
Year Of publication: 2009
Price: Rs 300, Pages: 319

Terrorism, Islam and Muslim appear to be synonymous for the mainstream corporate media who never lose any opportunity to reinforce this myth which gained enormous currency after the 9/11 attacks on Twin Towers in U.S, and then its War On Terror (WOT) made many genuine people’s struggles to be labeled as terrorism and also provided a great opportunity for the Statecraft to crush these indigenous struggles in the name of fighting Terrorism. The WOT also provided golden chance to the vested elements, terrorists and State elements to commit acts of violence and pass the buck to Muslims who in the process became scapegoats, in these nefarious designs.

The Muslims of subcontinent were no exception to this general rule. Since the colonial Invasion by the British East India company to the Partition of India, Muslims were looked with suspicious eyes by their Masters which can well be understood by the work of William Wilkinson Hunter ‘The Indian Musalamans: Are They Bound By Their Conscience To Rebel Against The Queen’. Due to this kind of prevalent bias against Muslims they were destined to be discriminated against. Even after rendering numerous sacrifices against the British Occupation, the Muslims still weren’t considered Indians but foreigners and aliens, ‘In Hindusthan the land of the Hindus, lives and should live the Hindu Nation. Consequently only those movements are truly National movements as aim at re-building, re-vitalizing and emancipating from its present stupor the Hindu Nation. Those only are nationalist patriots who with the aspiration to glorify the Hindu race and nation next to their heart are prompted into activity and strive to achieve that goal. All others are either traitors or enemies to the national cause, or to take a charitable view, idiots. There are only two courses open to the foreign elements, either to merge them in the national race or adopt its culture, or to live at its mercy so long as the national race may allow them to do so and to quit the country at the sweet will of the national race. That is the only sound view on the minority’s problem. That is the only logical and correct solution’ (M.S Golwalkar- We or our Nationhood Defined) This ideology gained more ground with the partition of India and the prevalent Discourse held the Muslims responsible for the partition of India, and these kinds of slogans began to be heard quite often ‘Musalmanun Ke Dau Aasthan Pakistan Ya Qabaristan’ (There are two refuges for Muslims either Pakistan or Graveyard). The Indians Muslims began to be accounted for every ill the country began to face after partition, the prejudice against them also grew which culminated in the form of Babri Masjid Demolition and Gujarat riots 2002.

With the 9/11 incident the State apparatus which has been infiltrated by the Saffron Brigade commonly referred to as Hindutivadis and RSS elements began to tighten the noose around the neck of innocent Non Violent Muslim community of India which resulted in the implication, torture, kidnap, murder, fake encounter, detention and imprisonment of hundreds of Muslim youth in India on false charges of spreading terror through bomb blasts at religious places thus disturbing communal harmony. Though some concerned members of civil society did speak to Power against the repercussions of driving a particular community to the wall without specific charges of crime and guilt against it, but nothing worthwhile happened at the grassroots level, but the present book under review seems to be a ray of hope in this Jargon and Quagmire.

The objective of this book is twofold as depicted by the author who is a former I.G Police of Maharashtra i.e. to seek answers to many questions in regard to communalism in India and to put on record the Yeoman service rendered by late Hemant Karkare to the Nation by exposing an Anti-National terror plot.

The author very well raises some gruesome, perplexing and sharp questions regarding the future of India if the menace of Brahminist Terrorism isn’t put to an end. He very well argues that a small perverted minority among the Hindu Varna Class Brahmins has emerged whom he calls Brahminists who wish to establish a Hindu (read Brahminist) Rashtra in India, sabotaging the secular, democratic and pluralistic principles of Indian Constitution as well as Society. These kinds of shadowy, dark and secret groups have been witnessed since history by the world be it the Free Masons, Zionists, Corporate Elite and the like, who though being a small minority control the fate and destiny of millions.

According to the reverend author this minority in India i.e. Brahminists had decided to take over two important institutions viz Media and Intelligence Bureau(IB), which were capable of molding and influencing public opinion'(P-17) and they have been successful in their endeavors as they have been heavily infiltrated by the Brahminist elements. The author through a wealth of well researched Case Studies of Bomb Blasts depicts how the IB has been shielding the real perpetuators of these crimes, giving false information to the government taking the State as hostage, in the process sabotaging the whole Enquiry Process. The author very aptly makes the reader be a witness to the fact that the IB is remote controlled by some above invisible elements who wish to make Muslims as Scapegoats for every terror act and aptly questions ‘Instead of raising the bogey of mythical ‘Muslim Terrorism’ had the IB taken note of the real Brahminist Terrorism, which is a precursor to the establishment of the ‘Brahminist Rashtra’ many subsequent bomb blasts could have been avoided and thousands of lives saved. But the IB apparently ignored these incidents at the instance of its masters. On the other hand, it connived at the Brahminist Terrorist activities and helped them wherever possible’.(P-53)

This book spills over the beans of Hindu terrorism and demystifies the myth of Muslim Terrorism by making a great revelation and unveils Brahminists heinous plan to establish Brahminist Rashtra in the name of Hindu Rashtra by overthrowing the constitutionally established Union government. ‘Their plan was to cause a series of bomb blasts in the country and blame them on Muslims with the help of their sympathizers in the IB. Thereafter, a section of the media would create a chaotic situation, which would facilitate their takeover of the country. But fortunately for India and unfortunately for them, their dream remained unfulfilled as their conspiracy was exposed by the Anti- Terrorist Squad(ATS) Maharashtra, headed by Hemant Karkare, during the investigation of Malegoan blast case of 2008. While Karkare was half way through the investigation came the Mumbai Terror Attack of 26/11 and the investigation was abruptly interrupted. In the attack Hemant Karkare was killed under suspicious circumstances’ (P-11)

The author calls the replacement of Karkare by KP Raghuvanshi as ATS Chief as a plot to undo what has been done by Karkare as Raghuvanshi is a RSS sympathizer and Col. Purohit is his mentor, it is impossible that he would interrogate his mentor? He then gives the aftermath of the bomb blast cases after Karkare’s mysterious death for which he holds some Brahminist elements responsible, at which he arrives after offering a lot of evidence to support his claim.

He very well describes as an insider how the missing links in any bomb blast case are joined by staging fake encounters and the safest place for carrying such encounters undoubtedly is Kashmir which nobody can question. He unmasks the real face of uniformed Terrorists through his ground breaking research of bomb blast case studies. He also questions the information sharing of the 26/11 by the FBI along with IB and is fearful of the growing intimacy between the Israel-India and US that has been supported vehemently by the Hindutva elements for development of this triad that will have the political will and moral authority to take bold decisions in combating terror, but the author is not so pessimistic as to paint the coming future as dark because he is himself aware that all Brahmins don’t believe in the caste and race supremacy and his own son-in-law is Brahmin so was Hemant Karkare who blew the lid off this terror plot. What we need is to check and correct the loopholes prevalent in our system, to have a factual and questioning media which doesn’t accept the State Version of incidents as Gospel Truth but resort to Socratic Questioning to arrive at the truth and to have a vibrant civil society and judiciary who can keep check on these tendencies which are eating away the very vitals of our secular, democratic, pluralistic and tolerant society and replacing it by some ancient theocracy where the individuality of minorities as well as the dominant majority become hostage to the whims of a small invisible minority.

This book must make the Muslim Ulama come out of their inferiority complex who unnecessarily seek refuge in Fatwas against Terrorism thus making this prejudiced opinion of Muslim Terrorism appear as a Fact. It must also make the so called Secularists as well as every concerned individual wake up from deep slumber to save his Nation from falling into the pitfalls of Brahminist Rashtra.

To write this book which in fact is ground breaking and blows air off from the balloon of government sponsored claim of Muslim Terrorism and the author is well aware of the consequences of blurting out the truth about IB but in this process he appears as the Orwellian Revolutionary. By penning down the true facts in Black and White the author has joined the ranks of people like John Perkins, Victor Ostrovesky and Paul Findley, in the process landing in a place where even angles fear to tread.

The book is an essential read for all those who wish to witness the real face of terrorism in India. The author deserves all appreciation for fearlessly documenting the fearful facts.

Mushtaq Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander is a writer and activist. He is pursuing a Master’s program in Political Science at Kashmir University.

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