Wanai Kyah – A Ghazal in Kashmiri with translation


Rumuz e Bekhudi

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Tim chaen qasam waad bay shumaar wanai kyah
Tann harud kulen aav nov bahaar wanai kyah

Aab e hayaat zaanha latti haavtam tchi roi
Chaanen vattan hyund taap chum shehjaar wanai kyah

Zulf e khaman roozith andar noan gaash mye maa wuch
Tyim maenzi namm te chashma sorma daar wanai kyah

Thalli thalli wuchaan chas loal shama pomprun yaaraan
Doshwai gayi yaksaan dazith naar wanai kyah

Roshay tchalith koat tchoori byuthuk baal thongyen manz
Chaeniy sitam te tchei chuham gamkhaar wanai kyah

Chui zooni gruhun beyi chu syetha tez pakaan vaav
Manz anni gatis eemaan chui diwaan taar wanai kyah

Dyith naad vyesan tchoonth tchatith ongji Zulaikha
Sui husn e Yousuf gav banith talwaar wanai kyah

Masjid banaevyith wen khabar nyemaez kotsa gai
“Iqra” paraan chay az talak soi gaar wanai kyah

Osum matchar yetch kael wuchmakh kar tche charaah myon
Loala bharai ya kath karai madanwaar wanai kyah

Dooray wuchith atti kyah nanni raaz o rumuz e ishq
Kehn marhalan gul chi chunin beyi khaar wanai

Rumuz e Bekhudi is a poet based in Srinagar, Kashmir



Your many vows and promises — what should I say
Bare trees have since dressed anew — what should I say

Show me your presence once: It’ll be like Water of Life
The sun on your roads gives me shade — what should I say

Entangled in dark hair I didn’t see the light
Those henna-dyed hands, kohl-lined eyes — what should I say

I’m gazing fondly the flame befriend the moth
They are together only after being scorched — what should I say

Petulant, you ran away to hide in the bosom of which hills
You are the healer of your own miseries — what should I say

The moon is eclipsed, the wind is howling as well
In this darkness, Faith lets you sail — what should I say

Zulaikha, summoning her friends, cut her finger slicing an apple
Yousuf’s beauty turned into a sword — what should I say

After building a mosque where have the faithful gone?
“Read” the command still enchants the cave — what should I say

Was in turmoil seeing you after so long, now show me a key
Embrace you, or talk to you my beloved — what should I do?

Come closer to unveil the love mystery of Rumuz
At some milestones flowers, at others thorns—what should I say


Translated, from the original Kashmiri, by Rumuz e Bekhudi and Rafiq Kathwari

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