To beloved Kashmir

Manisha Manhas

My love is betrothed to clouds
he sings of blooming shrouds
I see withering vapours in his eyes
he sings of sorrows in snow lit dazzling ice

his eyes speak up achings of disfigured blues
watching the nights and their darkest hues
he witnesses burning tulips in the flames of fire
and takes me with him to the knell of desire

where we witness a surge of whispering wasps
hearing and reading the gardens’ gasps

I shall forever miss his sorrow laden heart
where i poured in my innocent art
I shall forever miss his playful poise
where I wanted to pour in my entire voice

Oh lord keep him hidden in my soul’s dwelling
and shower upon him the fountains of your benign blessing
Allow me to hold him once in my bleak still arms and
help us grow fragrance into our dull barren farms

Manisha thinks of herself as a friend of Kashmir and the events of 2016 inspired this poem. 

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