The Voice



I tried telling The Voice,

To let me go my way,

But it spoke too loud,

And the words were too strong,

I couldn’t resist following,

It, the way it led me,

To an edge of a Cliff,’

I thought I heard the waves,

Call my name from below,

Undressing, I took a breath,

And closing my eyes,

I jumped off the height,

Hearing the whirring of wind,

In my ears as I fell,

I opened my eyes a slit,

To see no ocean below,

Only rocks, hard, unforgiving,

Sharp and jabbing,

I closed my eyes again,

As I fell my fatal fall,

I thought of the Hangman,

Waiting for my turn,

I thought of the Gravedigger,

With his square spade,

In my death I would have done,

Them both a favour

O Kashmiri is a doctor working in Kashmir

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