Making Sense Nonsense

Jwmwi Basumatary

Mirror’s taunting
Neither makes me smile nor cry

Breaking of the day
Breaks nothing either

An emptiness of empty within
With no more space to fill

A pessimist’s optimism
The silence between the musical notes

A dying man’s last love
Living man’s eternal bitterness

Frozen in the maze between being and nothingness
Living in a trance, or a wakeful nightmare

Journey ends before the road starts
It’s a lie that a road leads me home

A star shines brightly burning itself up
What is a Black Hole then?

Certitude melts, possibilities multiply
Confusions magnify

Jwmwi Basumatary, a guest lecturer teaching English literature at Bongaigaon College, Assam, says, “This was just a fragment of sudden passing emotions which I tried to shape into a poem.”

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