Kar Sa Myoun Neyay Andhe [When will my troubles end] by Mahmud Gami

Mahmud Gami (1765–1855) is a famous poet from Dooru Shahabad in South Kashmir. His work “Yusuf Zulaikha” has been translated into German by Fredrich Burkhard.

[Trans. Ather Zia]

 Kar sa myoun nai andey, maer mandeh madan waro

When will my troubles end, my comely beloved


Tchond-makh haneh haneh-ey – Wani-neh aaham-no wafa-daro, Kar sa myoun nai andey, maer mandeh madan waro

I looked for you in every corner, I did not  recognize [see/find] you “O faithful-one”; I should have been beholding your countenance [in front of me], my comely beloved


Shab aki youer yitam, Yareh myaeneh Sitamgaro, roshe didaar ditam, maer mandeh madan waro

Visit me one night, my friend [lover]-my tyrant; just like that reveal yourself to me, my comely beloved


Soneh cham pameh diwaan, kameh-diwo jana-waaroh, Taneh wotum riwaan, maer mandeh madan waro

My sister-wives are passing innuendos, O-Cupid-you beast, ever-since I have been mourning, my comely beloved


Chuy mahmood gadah, zaar wanaan zorawaaro, boz-tam behreh khoda, maer mandeh madan waro

The minstrel Mahmood (Gami) is lamenting, O Strong-one, please lend me an ear for the sake of God, my comely beloved


This translation was inspired by a young Kashmiri who yearned to understand this popular poem by Mahmud Gami. Though spoken by 8 million people, not many young children in Kashmir today know how to read or write Kashmiri. Many children are even raised without learning to speak the language in order to facilitate their entry into the education system where Urdu and English are the primary languages of instruction. Efforts to resuscitate Kashmiri are inadequate. If you want to submit a translation from Kashmiri to English please see the About Us page for how to send it to us. Thank you.

 Listen to this poem sung by Kailash Mehra Sadhu here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOXCaIDMnqA



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