I am a Soul by Dr Muhammad Qasim

My origin, presence in body. My departure is mystery
I know no bearers, accept no restrictions, I am free
I take a journey whenever and wherever I wish to
I am beyond time, space and your imagination
I am the Soul
I am not made for
Power, wealth and fame,
I have no
sentiments, desires and ambitions,
What is body to me, clothes to it, buried or burnt
Every birth is for death and for death, birth is certain
I am Soul
Amr (Holy Quran), Advaita (Sankara), Vishishtadvaita (Ramanuja), Dvaita (Madhav) or Reason (Plato)
Knowledge and wisdom are of no use if they failed to know Me
Childhood, youth and old age, not my stages,
Once I exist, distinct as I maybe, I don’t cease
I am soul
I am shining for everything good and evil
Flowers for their smell and rubbish for its odour
I am cosmic and you the citizen of this earth
Nation-states, you created are, but menace on earth
I am soul
Slavery to this world of us! Come and face well
Is an animal instinct and makes my presence not felt?
Conflict, confusion and crisis, you are involved in
Turn you to me, for peace, contentment and solace
I am soul
Imprisonment and death are not for me, should I fear?
Who imprisons? Whom? I slay not nor am I slain
It is allowing me to ponder inward, releasing me to my origin
I never leave the body, till I can complete, I am here for
I am soul
You need not care about winning and losing
But, be on the right side to enliven me
Stand not by evil, nor side with tyrant
Cursed will be you here and hereafter
I am soul
Pain and pleasure, I know not, I am divine content
Punishing body I am in, Is polishing me for the hereafter
I know what you intend and do, day and night
Shall testify, when senses will become stagnant
I am soul

Dr Muhamad Qasim is a scholar of religious studies and an incarcerated pro-resistance leader. This poem was first shared by his son Ahmed Bin Qasim and has been shared with his permission. 

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