Faux Democracy


Dibyesh Anand

We do not like to ring you
We do not like to come to you
We do not like to listen to you
We will hang your husband
Under due process of law
Dangle his body for 30 minutes
To ensure he speaks no longer
To ensure he breathes no longer
We will bury him secretly
We will bury with him his tales
Of India’s Intelligence Services
We will bury him before you
Find out he is no more
We will write a letter to you
We will send it via Speed Post
(Which reached three days later)
We could have used Ordinary Post
At least we mailed a letter to you
Ma’am, you will have no say where
Your husband’s body will be buried
Your corpses are our property anyway
Do not forget you are an integral part
Of Mother India now thirsty
To satisfy her collective conscience

Dibyesh Anand is an Associate Professor in International Relations at London’s University of Westminster

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