Elegy of a Pellet Victim

Abdul Azeem

Now I cannot see the color of my clothes I clad everyday….
Now I cannot see how my brother looks as a groom!!!

I find myself in a colorless world, as my eyes have stopped their main work!!!
It is because I tilted my tongue for my Basic Right (Azaadi)….

I had thought I’m the sole to become sightless….
But my comrades are also in the same line holding sticks!!!

Our oppressor will be happy to give us this gift, I think….
Neither I can recognize my friends, nor they can see me!!!

For being sightless, I cannot play with my friends….
And that’s why I didn’t respond to their calls for play!!!

In the arena, where I’ve spent my whole childhood….
Has now become a strange place for me!!!

I remember those days, when I used to write my personal diary!!!
Now it seems, my eyes have betrayed me in writing my ordeal!!!

Those desires and aims which I had, have lost their value now!!!
Now it seems, “to survive in darkness has taken birth as my new ambition”

The writer is an Independent Researcher & an aspiring Social Worker.

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