And then I Left the City

A Short Story by Towfeeq Wani Preeti said, “Maybe you better stop doing that. You have no idea how absurd and irritating it is” and I asked, sheepishly, “What?” “Let go, like you will understand,” she replied her favourite reply and the customary silence followed. I tried my best to … Read more →


Shahnaz Bashir Each receding paranoid trooper diminishes, becomes tiny and fades past in the side mirror of the 407 bus, dragging behind itself a long ribbon of the thoroughfare road. The road bends at Dalgate and stretches through the downtown of Srinagar. Sakeena is one of the nearly thirty something … Read more →

Three Lovers Of Night

Arif Ayaz Parrey At first glance, there was nothing ordinary about Roqsaan. Her skin had the sheen of February snow and her eyes were winter nights. She had the attitude of Chilla-i-Kalaan and a pout which warmed men’s hearts like the sun must in Chilla-i-Kalaan, leaving them with an afterglow … Read more →


Ashfaq Saraf When she wakes up panting in the middle of night, he is wakened too; mostly without delay and sometimes only after she [heaves] Rasheed’s name. He lights on the torch, navigates the glow across the span of the room to locate her trembling face, moves it further to … Read more →


A Short Story by Shafi Ahmad She mopped up the kitchen floor, rubbed her forehead with the back of her palm and looked towards the sky which was lit up with moonlight. The light emanating from the moon entered the room through the ventilator and spread the shadow of iron … Read more →