A short story by Shafi Ahmed She mopped up the kitchen floor, rubbed her forehead with the back of her palm and looked towards the moonlit sky. The light emanating from the moon entered the room through the ventilator and clock struck 12 in the second storey room, above the … Read more →

Jesus was a son

A short story by Faruq Masudi His name was Tufail Matto. His name is Tufail Matto. He will always be Tufail Matto. Or, is it Tufail Bhat.Or Tufail Lone…or Ahangar…or Zargar; Khan, Darzi, Shahdad, Naqashbandi, Hamadani , Nengroo, Hanji, or…Does it matter what his family name was? Do you mind? … Read more →

Midnight Guests

Certain voices don’t require words A Short Story by Mushtaque B Barq The fourteenth moon was up in the calm sky with numerous guests celebrating the heavenly milieu, luring the lovers to do away with the curtains. The moonlight was bathing every nook and corner, even the graveyard in the … Read more →

A Nightmare

A short story by Qadri Inzamam In spring, when all the farmers of the village tilled their lands and sowed crops, Hameed would do all the work himself. His wife helped him at some occasions but not when the work would be heavy and apt for men only. Hameed felt … Read more →

And then I Left the City

A Short Story by Towfeeq Wani Preeti said, “Maybe you better stop doing that. You have no idea how absurd and irritating it is” and I asked, sheepishly, “What?” “Let go, like you will understand,” she replied her favourite reply and the customary silence followed. I tried my best to … Read more →

Ghazal: How Many So Many

Rumuz E Bekhudi (Please scroll down for the English translation) Sawaal Kaetya Jawab Kaetya Muhabbatas Manz Hisaab Kaetya Su Yaar Samkhyom Tath Annigatis Manz Ath Roi-e-Chandras Naqaab Kaetya Tijaratas Manz Kehn Baezgar Chiv Kinaan Umeed-o-Khwaab Kaetya Wadun Chi Zan Aab-e-Joi Chi Jaeri Asaan Zan Chel Rabaab Kaetya Yath Zeeth Safras … Read more →


Ambreen Naqash The bride left Habilimented In white velvet. Youthful Yet too tired. Close to Nature Not of dead cells But of silence around. Relinquished By the crowd. Alone Strengthening her voice To be heard Accompanied by someone nice. Riding into the forest Of no notes. Searching the owner Of … Read more →