The Calendar of Death by Zeeshan Ali

With the onset of Spring,
Death comes seeking:
in twos and threes
in gold-plated pyramids
in ogives, traced by thirsty hands
(wounded by salt)
by instinct.
It slithers away
with the smell of impunity.
In the midst of Summer,
death comes seeking, again:
in hundreds and thousands
of twenty ounces of silver
from the heart of the earth.
showered with finesse
on our skin and memories;
bludgeoning the door of Celidonius,
robbing him of the two pearls
crafted by God’s own hand.
In our world of grief,
the senses have returned
to lead us astray,
where death comes hunting
— from circular, black recesses,
smacking lips against
corroded steel and,
a dash of hope
that swirls and disappears —
towards it’s destiny,
in this old nation,
plagued by longing.
it will be welcomed here but,
and melded into life,
with Chrysanthemums, torn apart

Bio: Zeeshan Ali from Budgam, Kashmir is currently pursuing  BA Honors (English) from Amar Singh College.

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