A poem for Aasif Sultan

Omer Sultan

I wrote this poem to address the illegal imprisonment of Aasif Sultan, the Assistant Editor of Kashmir Narrator, a monthly magazine. Aasif, my brother was arrested on the intervening night of 27th and 28th of August 2018. He dropped me to the airport a day before his arrest. Ironically, before I boarded the international flight, I called to remind him to take care of our parents as he does in my absence since the last 7 years. Some hours later our house was raided, and he was arrested for his journalistic work including reporting on Burhan Wani, a rebel commander who was killed in a shootout in 2016 by the Indian army. After 76 days of Aasif’s illegal imprisonment based on ludicrous charges, my family and I were expecting his homecoming. He was supposed to get bail because no charge sheet was filed against him. We expected the bail to be given without any hindrance. Yet, the bail was rejected on flimsy grounds.


We are from the same womb

Ow! but your absence gloom,

The enemies of humanity

And the enemies of life,

They want to fight sanity

Spreading trials and strife.

You hold a pen

They hold a gun,

Coz they fear real men,

They want to cage, the sun?

They want to cage the light!

Coz they are, only seekers of the night;

Afraid of those who are right

Blinded by what is bright

Frame-up charges and flimsy fight

Intolerant of the truth in sight

But they are useless and run

And remember you have won

Because they are tyrants and none.

Tyranny doesn’t last

As light will cast

So be patient my heart

And lose not everlasting part

On the day of fear

The tyrants will useless care

So, don’t lose heart

But enjoy the patience sort.

Omer Sultan is an Assistant Professor of English.

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